QX110 110MM Racing Quadcopter

QX110 110MM Racing Quadcopter
  • QX110 110MM Racing Quadcopter
  • QX110 110MM Racing Quadcopter
  • QX110 110MM Racing Quadcopter
  • QX110 110MM Racing Quadcopter

Carbon fiber QX110 110mm mini Quadcopter Frame + 8520 8.5*20 Coreless Motor + F3 EVO V2.0 + Mini DSM2 / Frsky receiver + 55 prop

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Package included:
1 x QX110 Frame Kit (just a frame kit, not assembled)
1 x F3 EVO V2.0 
1pcs with or without mini receiver (as your choice)
1 x 5.8G 25mW Transmitter With 1000TVL Camera and Antenna
4 x 8520 motor(2pcs CW, 2pcs CCW)
4pair 55mm propeller

QX110mm frame Description:
Item name: DIY Micro Quadcopter Frame Kit
Material: Carbon fiber
Wheelbase: 110mm
Upper plate:1mm
​Lower plate:1.5mm
Frame Weight: 8.6g
SP Racing F3 EVO V2.0 Brush Flight Controller Specifiations:
Dimension: 22mm*32.5mm
Thickness: 1.2mm
Weight: 3g

1, F3_EVO_Brush revision is out of the F3 EVO SP RACING based on is based on a SP RACING F3 EVO firmware 32 brush flight control;
2, Improve the power supply input scheme, so that flight control support 1S (4.2V) and 2S (8.4V) power supply, 2S power can bring more violent flying experience. Individually designed circuit configuration, comes with Buck booster technology, or both 1S 2S power input, UART1 / 2/3 output 5V, DSM output 3.3V;
3, Using STM32F303CCT6 + MPU6500, advanced hardware platform F3 guarantee more stable flight;
4, With a large current NMOS transistors, operating current of up to 10A per channel or more. Each motor and is equipped with a freewheeling diode;
5, Support for PPM, SBUS, DSM receiver input signal;
6, With battery voltage detection and buzzer interface;
7, Support for the current world face almost all coreless motors, including the 1020 and other behemoths of the hollow cup.
Receiver configuration:
1. DSM DSM receiver soldered directly to the interface 3.3V, GND, RX3, CF the software configuration UART3.
2. PPM and SBUS receiver welded to the UART2 GND, + 5V, RX2 above, SBUS signal CF in the software configuration.
Before applying power, pay attention to the battery voltage selection:
The default shipping is 1S (4.2V); 
2S first need to disconnect the short contacts 1S, 2S and then connect two pads short. 
Prohibit the same three pads shorted together.

8520 motor Description:


Motor Diameter: 8.5mm

Motor Length: 20mm

Shaft Diameter: 1.0mm

Cable Length: 60mm

Option: Clockwise Motor(With Red Blue), Anti-clockwise Motor(With Black White)

This 8520 coreless motor support 2S battery




1) Please use the motor in this technology index range for the performance of the motor is affected by environmental temperature seriously.

2) It is not allowed to operate in the high temperature with high humidity, and not allowed to contact with corrosive liquid and corrosive gas,should not to be stored and without running Continuously for more than six months.

3) Do not lock the motor shaft while the electric is on. The motor will be burnt out after the motor shaft was locked for more then 1 second.

4) Do not hit the motor directly.



1000TVL  FPV Camera description:


Sensor : 1/3" COMS

Lens :1000TVL



Power consumption:200mA@5V

Power :5V

Lens Mirror Diameter:2.9mm



Support video format :PAL

Output Impedance: 50 Ohm

Output signal strength: 13±1dbmdBm

Output Power: 25mW 

Wireless Channel: 48CH

Operating voltage: 5V

Current: 100mA

Audio carrier: 6.5MHz

Frequency : 5 BAND 48CH 5645 ~ 5945 MHz



1. Micro Size and Light weight

2. Easy installation for racing drone

3.48 channels

4.Wide voltage range , can use 1s , 2s power battery directly , no need extra batter



Compatible with frsky X9D remote controller(D8 Mode),XJT(D8 Mode),DJT,DFT,DHT etc.




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