F80 Racing Drone

F80 Racing Drone
  • F80 Racing Drone
  • F80 Racing Drone
  • F80 Racing Drone
  • F80 Racing Drone

DK80 F80mm 80 Frame mini F3 flytower Integrated OSD 4 in 1 BLHeli ESC 1104 4000kv Frsky pro / Flysky / DSM2 Mini Receive

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Package including:

1 set F80mm frame kit (do not assembled, just a frame kit)
1 set mini F3 flytower 
4pcs 1104 4000kv motor
1pcs mini receiver (DSM2 mini receiver ,Flysky FS-RX2A mini receiver,Frsky RX Pro mini receiver optional)
1pcs 5.8G 25mw FPV AIO Mini VTX Camera Integrated Transmitter
4pair 2030 propeller (send the color at random)
Note: 1.  this frame kit will be assembled and setup well before shipping, you can use it directly after the make channel well with your remote control.
​            2. The receiver default support PPM output.





DK80 F80 Racing Drone 80mm Plastic Frame KIT

Material: Plastic
Diagonal Wheelbase 80 mm
Use Motor Model:  1104-7800KV  
Support Propeller:   1535 1635   1935  (not included,can't use 2030 prop)
Flight control installation hold this :20x20
Recommend configuration(not included):
Flight control: F3 PIKO BLX Micro Flight Controller
Transmitter:Fx 797T 798T 5.8G 25mw
Antenna:mini 5.8g
ESC: 6A-20A
Motor:1103-7800KV 1104-7800KV DYS BE1102 7800KV
Props : 1535 1635  1935  inch Prop
battery :2S-3Sbattery
Flytower F3 Integrated OSD Mini Flight Control
Receiver configuration, when SBUS and DSM receiver input, please configure RX3 as the input interface.
The DSM receiver takes power from 3.3V.
The SBUS and PPM receivers take power from 5V.
Factory firmware: betaflight 3.1.0 OMNIBUS

First, equipped with MPU6000 F3 flight control acceleration faster response; integrated 5V 1A BEC, integrated OSD. (This version is 6DOF, no barometer and electronic compass)
1. This board provides all the features, weighs only 7.7g, fixed hole for the 20MM ( M2.5 hole );
2. For four-axis models tailored, built-in LC filter, support BF firmware;
3. Using STM32F3CCT6 single-chip 256K flash memory, MPU6000 sensor SPI interface connection, faster computing speed;
4. Support 2-4S power input;
5. Built-in 5V 1A output BEC;
BS-10A 4 in 1 ESC:
4 IN 1 through machine BLHELI S ESC
1. Input voltage: 2-4S LiPo
2.BEC output: none
3. Single ESC continuous operating current: 10A (maximum current: 15A 5 seconds)
4. Four in one ESC size: 27 X 31mm 
5. ESC weight: 3.7g
6. Firmware: BLHELI_S
7. Support DSHOT, Oneshot, 
8. Processor: SILABS EFM8BB21F16G
9.MOS tube: TPN2R703NL
Mini 1104 4000KV Brushless Motor for FPV Multi-rotor


- KV:4000KV

- Motor size: diameter 14*12.5

- Stator Diameter: 14mm

- Stator Length:12.5mm

- Shaft Diameter:1.5mm

- Motor Dimensions(Dia*Len): diameter 14*12.5mm

- No.of Cells(Lipo):2-3S

- Max Continuous current(A): 3.5A

- Max Continuous Power(W): 38.9W

Frsky RX pro Mini receiver:

Frsky RX pro 8CH mini receiver SBUS ppm D8 mode for mini brushless FPV and hollow cup indoor FPV quadcopter drone accessories


Net weight:0.8g
Power supply voltage:3.5-5V
Power supply current:25mA@5V
Effective distance:>500m


-Support SBUS(default)
-Support PPM(change welding switch)
-Using Open TX D8 protocol,support sbus and ppm output,(the sbus output is selected by default);support 8 channel;comes with aligning frequency switch
-Very suitable for mini brushless FPV and hollow cup indoor FPV installation

Aligning frequency method:

1.For example X9D plus remote controller,select D8 mode,receiver press the code button,not loose and connect power supply,at this time the receiver green status indicator always bright,the receiver enters the aligning code status.
2.The remote controller selects BIND mode,the receiver green status indicator off means aligning code finished,the remote controller exits the aligning frequency mode.
3.the receiver connect power supply again,the green lights always bright,it means signal reception is normal.if appear flashing,means signal loss or alignment code is unsuccessful,need to aligning code again


Flysky FS-RX2A Pro Mini receiver:
FS-RX2A 2.4G Compatible Receiver for FS-I6 FS-I6X FS-I6S FS-TM8 FS-TM10 FS-I10 Transmitter

Item name: FS-RX2A  receiver
Channel: 8(IBUS), 10(PPM)
RF Range: 2.408-2.475GHZ
Number of bands: 135
RX Sensitivity: -92dBm
2.4GHz protocol: AFHDS 2A
Signal output: IBUS, PPM
Antenne length: 33mm
Power input: 3.3-5V
Control distance: 400mm+
Current: 30MA
Size: 12*15mm
Weight: 1g
Compitable Transmitter: All AFHDS 2A Transmitter, for example FS-I6,FS-I6X,FS-I6S,FS-TM8,FS-TM10,FS-I10.

Note: Failsafe only work on IBUS, not in PPM.

Binding Procedure:
1. Press and hold the Binding button, and supply power to the receiver, green LED blinks fast means entering the binding mode.
2. Make the transmitter enter BIND mode.
3. The LED indicator become slowly blink means the binding is succeed.
4. Make the transmitter quit the BIND mode, the receiver LED indicator stay on means receiving signal.


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